If you’ve been looking into growing your own mushrooms you’ve probably heard several people mention that they use “Master’s Mix” when growing mushroom, but they probably don’t mention what it is. Master’s mix is actually amazingly simple to make and highly effective for all wood loving mushroom varieties. In this tutorial we’ll walk you through the process of making your own.

What is Master’s Mix

Master’s mix has only three ingredients:

That’s all that goes into it and the best part is the hardwood sawdust and soy hulls should be mixed in equal portions by weight!

How to Make Master’s Mix

Combine equal parts by weight hardwood sawdust and soy hulls and mix well. Then add water to bring the mix to 60% hydration. Mix well.

As an example if you had 1000 grams of dry material you would add 1.5 liters (1500g) water. The easy calculation you can do to figure out how much mater to add is to divide the total dry weight by 0.4. This will give you the amount of water in grams that you need.

Using Masters Mix

Masters mix is perfect for grow bags or cultivation bottles. It’s a good substrate for all wood loving mushrooms and very easy to use. It is highly nutritious and must be pasteurized or sterilized before use.

This mix is easy to use and will help you get higher yeilds in no time. Once you have your mix production process down you can easily get plenty of mushrooms setup and growing in a small amount of time.