Growing mushrooms out of bottles is a common industrial farming method, but it works just as well for the home grower. Once you make your own mushroom bottles at home you’ll have a large supply of easy to use and clean containers for all sorts of purposes. These work great for grain spawn, growing medium, and even as lab containers when needed. The process is dead simple and takes almost no time at all.

How to Make your Own Growing Bottles


Step By Step Instructions

  1. Using a drill or nail create a 1/4″ wide hole in the lid of the mason jars.
  2. Using polyester stuffing fill the hole with enough stuffing so that it bulges slightly out of the top and bottom and is a snug fit. If you are using filter discs instead fit a disk between the lid and the band so that it covers the hole. The band will hold both in place.
  3. Sterilize the jars and lids using a pressure cooker. The lids should be on the jars but not tightened all the way down, just finger tight.

So easy there’s no reason not to do it!

Once you have your own bottles made you’ve got a great reusable piece of equipment that can house almost every step of your mushroom growing process. Why wait? Get your bottles started and start growing some mushrooms!