Buying compost can be expensive. If you’re growing mushrooms at home and need compost regularly it might make sense to start making your own. The recipe can be simple, but it’s not a perfect fit for everyone. The following recipe is designed to be basic and easy to make. This is specifically designed for button mushrooms, but will grow most mushrooms with similar growth requirements.

Mushroom Compost Recipe


  • 10 lbs Corn Fodder or Ground Corn Cobs
  • 10 lbs Straw
  • 2 lbs Peat Moss
  • 2 lbs Greensand
  • 3 lbs Sand
  • Water

most materials here can be bought online in bulk, making the whole process easier. The materials listed yield 30+ lbs of ready to use compost.

Steps to Make Mushroom Compost:

  1. Mix the corn fodder and straw, water thoroughly and let stand 2-3 days.
  2. Mix in peat moss, greensand, and sand and water again.
  3. After leaving to compost for 5-6 days turn the compost.
  4. After another week turn again.
  5. Compost is now ready for use.

This recipe can be scaled as needed to create bulk compost.

Simple Compost That’s Easy for Scaling

This compost is best for mushroom growers looking to decrease costs and scale up their growing operation. The materials are easily purchasable in bulk and in some cases can be acquired for free. If this works well for your process you can consider setting up a compost barrel to keep some handy and composting at all times.